It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video update, but it seemed appropriate for today. I wanted you to get a look at my red face and sweat soaked hair so you know I put in some work.

I haven’t yet watched the video, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t give an explanation of what the 9 round workout is all about; so real quick:

  • There are 9 stations.
  • It’s my understanding that the workout changes each time, so I suspect that means they move the numbered signs around and you end up doing (mostly) the same things in a different order.
  • You spend 3 minutes at each station
  • After 2:30, you hear a gym-wide buzzer that let’s you know you have 30 seconds left (push harder!)
  • After 3:00 you get a 30 second “active rest” (eg. squats, sit ups, jumping jacks, etc.)
  • Move to the next station and do whatever it tells you to do

Of course, the exercises vary greatly from station to station. I started with jumping rope. Station 2 was punching with some light-weight dumbbells in hand. Station 3 was hitting the heavy bag…I won’t bore you with a description of every station (don’t remember them all anyway), but it was nice to work different regions of the body every 3 minutes. The consistent challenge for me (from about 1 minute in) was my breathing. I’m just not used to that kind of aerobic exercise and it was tough to get through. My big fail of the day was with my core. The last station…some sit-ups, followed by balancing on my tail bone (feet off the ground) while moving a med ball from my left side to my right side. Holy 💩 - That was not easy!

Before my next trip, I’m going to practice that maneuver. I’m not sure if I’ll get the same trainer, but if so, I want him to know I’ve been putting in some work outside of the building.

Video Review

Walking Weather

No walk today, but I more than made up for it with my jumping, punching, kicking, squatting, sit ups, etc.

Current Stats

Weight Exercise Water
225.6 9 rounds > 128 oz


238 lbs
12.8 of 53 lbs
185 lbs