There are entire food genres that essentially need to be abandoned on Keto, e.g. Mexican, Italian, and Asian. I’m sure each have dishes that are acceptable on a Ketogenic diet, but certainly none of my favorites. Italian food without pasta or bread? Asian food without noodles and sugary sauces (at least in the Americanized version)?

When it comes to Mexican, there are low-carb tortillas available at almost every major grocer, but there’s still a problem (well, two actually): No beans or rice.

For dinner I plan to try an experiment - Making “beanless refried beans”. I checked out a few recipes to get some ideas and since I already have an eggplant handy, I’m going to go that route. I doubt the finished product will photograph well, but I may post some evidence of this experiment later tonight. If so, I’ll append it below.

On another note:

A lady from 9round called to confirm my appointment tomorrow. I told her that after reviewing some YouTube videos, I wasn’t sure I picked the right thing for my fitness level.

Her 👩 : “Oh, so you’re trying to get back into shape?”

Me 👨 : “I wouldn’t say back into shape. I just wanted to mention that I saw a video where you’re trying to get the heart rate elevated for the duration of the workout and mine is 125 just from talking to you on the phone.”

Her 🙍‍♀️ : “Oh. Well, Hayden will make sure not to push you too hard, but it is an intense aerobic workout…and it’s 30 minutes.”

Me 👨 : “Oh.”

Her 🙋‍♀️ “See you tomorrow.”

Me 💀 “Okay.”

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