Prior to starting this journey, I had quite the Diet Mt. Dew addiction. I gave it up because of all of the horrible things people had told me about the artificial sweetner it uses, Aspartame. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding this substance and plenty of articles (such as this one) that debunk most of it.

Still, I can’t help but think that if one must have a fizzy beverage, one sweetened with Stevia is a better choice. To that end, I’ve been drinking Zevia for a while now. In addition to the (possible) benefit of having no artificial sweetener, it also has no artificial colors. Cola, grape, cream soda…all available flavors are clear as the mist on the Sierras.

The problem for me is that they severely affect my water consumption. I’ve consumed at least 4 of them today and my water intake is less than half of what it was yesterday. I’m not sure if it’s a real problem, but since they’re more expensive (and not nearly as ubiquitous as their Aspartame laden, artificially colored counterparts), I should probably set a strict limit of two per day (okay, maybe 3 if I’m feeling particularly deprived and sorry for myself).

Walking Weather

  \   /     Clear
   .-.      +39(33) °F
― (   ) ―   ↗ 18 mph
   `-’      9 mi
  /   \     0.0 in

Absolutely beautiful walk today! Which is great because there is a winter storm watch in the forecast starting tomorrow 😠

Current Stats

Weight Exercise Water
226.2 2+ miles ~32 oz


238 lbs
12.2 of 53 lbs
185 lbs