That title might sound constipation related (common topic amongst the keto crowd), but it’s not. I’m actually referring to my daily walks. I used my core exercise sessions as a replacement yesterday, but it turns out I’ve grown accustomed to this whole fresh air thing I’m always hearing about. After I finished work, it was dark and a bit chilly, but I went for it anyway. The stars were bright which made me enjoy the darkness and tolerate the cold.

We’re due for some bad weather (reports of -25°F next week and plenty of snow) so I’ll likely have some downtime. I’ll do the exercises necessary to stay on track, but I’m starting to look forward to Spring and some hiking (which has been out of character for me for several years).

My Spring goal: A hike to Mystic Lake More to come on that soon.

Walking Weather

Weather report: billings

      \   /     Clear
       .-.      34(29) °F
    ― (   ) ―   ↗ 9 mph
       `-’      9 mi
      /   \     0.0 in

Current Stats

Weight Exercise Water
226.2 2 miles ~80 oz


238 lbs
12.2 of 53 lbs
185 lbs