Another week with no dramatic weight loss makes for a boring update. I keep telling myself not to let the scale bring me down, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t challenging. Today Brook Lynn gave me a bit of a pep talk (she’s good at those) and it left me feeling quite a bit better.

Another thing that helped me feel better was trying on a former favorite shirt that I haven’t been able to wear for some time. The last time I tried it on, buttoning was not an option; today, it fit just fine. In short, I know my body is changing, but the scale has not been my friend. I need to either finish my own project to capture the other metrics it measures (I don’t know their tolerance, but probably not very precise for 20 bucks), or I need to give in and install the app that came with it.

I did more physically for week 7 (more core workouts in addition to the 9Round workout), so perhaps I had a bit more muscle gain. The one positive thing I can say about the scale is the fact that I have managed to keep out of the 230’s…seeing any number that started with `23` could have landed me in the Taco Bell drive thru, wearing a pair of comfy fat sweats.

Despite the insidious integers on the scale, I didn’t stray from my eating plan. Hopefully my persistence will pay off (preferably by Spring).

Walking Weather

Weather report: billings

       .--.     +39(33) °F
    .-(    ).   → 24 mph
   (___.__)__)  9 mi
                0.0 in

Current Stats

Weight Exercise Water
226.8 2+ Miles ~80 oz.


238 lbs
11.6 of 53 lbs
185 lbs

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