The real trick to sticking with keto is finding good substitutes. It’s not (at least, it doesn’t have to be) a starvation diet. You don’t have to deal with hunger, but you do have to deal with cravings - which is what gets most overweight people into the shape they’re in. I can’t even remember the last time I heard my stomach growl. I don’t get hungry…I get cravings, I get bored, I get happy when I eat, but I don’t get hungry.

Most Carbivores I’ve talked to seem to think that Keto is just about giving up sweets. That’s actually the thing I struggle with the least. I have my moments, but there are so many passable substitutes for sweet things, it’s pretty easy to find an alternative. However, there are some things that still just don’t taste right to me. I’ve mentioned bread (still waiting for the bread I found on Amazon to be back in stock), most Italian, Mexican, and Asian food (at least the things I enjoy from those genres), but that’s not a complete list.

I’ve always enjoyed a cold glass of milk (typically several each day), but nothing I’ve found tastes similar. My favorite comfort meal is a bowl of soup beans with cornbread and Chow Chow…every part of that is off the list and there are no substitutes. What I’m trying to say is, there are things you’ll have to give up. You don’t have to be hungry or deprived, but you do have to convince yourself that you can no longer have those things. No more fluffy, steamy, buttery dinner rolls at the steak house…No more pizza rolls, Cream of Mushroom Soup (the Béchamel of the south, used in countless casseroles) or Chef Boyardee (shout out to my fellow 80’s kids).

I’m usually on the hunt for new or better substitutes so I can eat things that are familiar and enjoyable. Yesterday, I found a good one: Zero Carb Tomato Basil Tortillas. They’re Mission brand, so they should be fairly easy to find and they’re good! I made some tostadas for Brook and me and nothing seemed lacking…they tasted like tostadas, not Keto tostadas. They were good enough that I thought I should share here. Just to be clear, they are street taco sized which I’m sure helps with the “Zero Carb” claim.

Walking Exercising Weather

      \   /     Clear
       .-.      15(5) °F
    ― (   ) ―   ↗ 19 mph
       `-’      9 mi
      /   \     0.0 in

No walk today. I stuck to my guns and did a morning and evening core workout via Apple Fitness.

Current Stats

Weight Exercise Water
226.6 20 min core > 100 oz


238 lbs
11.2 of 53 lbs
185 lbs